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OSN Power

Solar Battery Lithium 48V 250Ah Solar Battery With 300W 48V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Solar Battery Lithium 48V 250Ah Solar Battery With 300W 48V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

OSN POWER 12KWH 48V 250Ah LiFePO4 Solar Battery pack is built-in high quality BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor cells information ,including voltage, current and temperature etc. Also, our BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life. Multiple batteries can connected in parallel to expand capacity and power in parallel for larger capacity and longer power.
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Product Details

  • Long lifetimes - 6000 cycles @85% DOD (dependant on actual DOD, usage & temp.) and low self-discharge rate
  • Easily scalable and stackable 2.5kWh modules - up to 200kWh in a single installation
  • A self-designed BMS protects the cell from overcharge, over-discharge, over current, short circuit .
  • Built-in accessible 125A DC breaker On/Off switch - increases safety .
  • Communication Protocol: Optional RS232/RS485
  • Simple rack-based installation system
  • LCD display available

Other Features:


OSN LFP battery modules are a practical and economical battery system based on Lithium-iron-phosphate technology (LFP or LiFePO4).


Available in standard 2.5kWh modules, the LFP battery modules can be easily scaled in multiples up to 200kWh in a single installation, making them suitable for a range of applications.


OSN's LFP battery modules feature a round-trip efficiency of 92%, low self discharge rate of 3+ years, and unlike traditional lead acid battery.

  • Do not immerse the battery in water and keep it dry when not in use.

  • Do not knock, throw or affect the battery near a fire source or under extremely hot conditions.

  • Please charge according to the charging requirements.

  • Do not reverse thepositive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

  • Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting wires or other metal objects to the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

  • Do not directly weld the battery terminals.

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