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OSN Power Energy Limited(OSN Power) was founded in 2008, draws on the experience of the main lithium battery industry and sub-industry. We committed to the revolution of the world’s lithium battery packs for different applications. And achieved a leading position in the field of starting battery, energy storage system, and smart battery.

We manufacture battery cell, including energy battery cell, high power battery cell, lithium titanate battery). We customize packs like start batteries, e-mobility batteries (scooter batteries, car batteries, forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, low-speed car batteries), marine batteries , energy storage battery (portable battery / home / commercial / industrial energy storage / stationary battery / UPS, custom battery pack, etc.).

OSN Power has won strategic cooperation with many battery manufacturers belongs to world's top 500 companies like Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and the largest domestic automotive battery manufacturers. We are able to sustainable supply and sales of hundreds of models of energy battery cell and power battery cell, the latest technology of lithium titanate battery cell(LTO battery) and flexible provide best solution for the battery pack with those battery cells.

More, we have our own battery cell factory and 3 assembly factories. With sufficient experience, capability, R&D resources, battery materials and other industrial chain resources, we can customize battery according to customer requirements in the first time to ensure the quality of batteries.

With long-term inventory of hundreds of batteries, not only guarantees a stable supply of products and the shortest delivery, but greatly reduces costs, ensures our price advantage, and we give profits to customers, to make customers win more markets and create value.

OSN Power have a strong R&D team with more than 10 years of technical experience, and we are committed to designing and developing the safest and most efficient lithium battery, and have made a major breakthrough. So far we owned dozens of patents. Especially on smart batteries, we have become the leader in the battery industry, achieving data trace ability and authenticity, greatly improving the user experience.

We developed battery pack and charger with communication function to realize the dialogue between the battery pack and the charger, which can ensure 100% safety during battery charging and use, and say “goodbye” to the explosion.

OSN Power have overcome many technical difficulties in the battery field, especially on the BMS, which can provide reliable support for high-current, high-voltage for the starting and high-voltage applications and provide a complete battery solution for the battery pack.

We are willing to share experience with customers interested in the battery business, while selling products and battery equipment, teaching customers battery knowledge, assembly process, testing methods, battery maintenance skills, etc., and we would like to share technology, on-site guidance for customers who plan to build factory and production line etc in their countries. 

We welcome to invest and develop potential good projects with you. We will work with you from project evaluation - solution design - supporting R & D - battery assembly - product testing to ensure the success of the project.

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