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High Voltage Cluster LiFePO4 102.4V 100Ah 51.2KWH

High Voltage Cluster LiFePO4 102.4V 100Ah 51.2KWH

LiFePO4 batteries are highly safe, have no risk of explosion and fire, and are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting. No memory effect - the battery can be charged in any state of discharge, giving you peace of mind.
  • Nominal Voltage:102.4V
  • Nominal capacity:100Ah
  • Dimension:520*510*1510mm
  • Weight: 550kg
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      Product Details

      Compared with traditional AGM/lead acid batteries, LiFePO4 battery/ Lithium iron phosphate batteries are:

      • Higher safety and stability:non-toxic, non-polluting, no rare earth metals, no explosion, no fire.
      • Long service life:5000 cycles
      • 1/4 lighter than lead-acid batteries.
      • The LFP battery can work in a wide temperature range from -20 to +75°C
      • No memory effect. Can be charged on demand without loss of capacity.
      • Suitable for RV, ship, home storage, telecommunication (base station battery)
      • Do not immerse the battery in water and keep it dry when not in use.

      • Do not knock, throw or affect the battery near a fire source or under extremely hot conditions.

      • Please charge according to the charging requirements.

      • Do not reverse thepositive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

      • Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting wires or other metal objects to the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

      • Do not directly weld the battery terminals.

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