Start Batteries for Cars,Trucks,Tractors Etc

Start batteries have gained widespread popularity in Europe, America, and Japan. China is the largest automotive market, but the assembly rate of lithium start battery is very low. The market penetration rate has shown rapid growth in the past two years. The current market penetration rate is about 17% , And this figure was less than 10% in 2014.

The next few years will be a golden period for China's car start battery. It is optimistic that by 2020, China's start battery penetration rate will reach 47%, with about 14 million units shipped and an output value of about 10 billion yuan.

In terms of battery types, lead-acid batteries are the main types of start batteries for automobiles. Lithium batteries for start have just started and are mainly concentrated in Europe. There is no batch supply of lithium start batteries in China. Lithium start batteries have high requirements in terms of rate performance, charge and discharge performance, cycle life, and stability. The high technical barriers to industry barriers have also blocked many lithium battery companies. At the same time, the start system and the lithium start battery have been in a high-temperature working environment for a long time, and the potential safety hazards are more prominent. This requires deep cooperation between battery factories and vehicle manufacturers when developing start batteries.

At present, many companies at home and abroad have also begun to get involved in the application of lithium start batteries field. In 2015, Johnson Controls and Toshiba co-developed a lithium titanate start battery, and invested US $ 200 million to build an annual production base of 6 million start-stop batteries in Shenyang, China.

Our company OSN power uses a number of advanced technologies and formulas to develop a series of start batteries. The battery manufacturing strictly adheres to quality standards. It has a strong start capability at low temperatures, excellent corrosion resistance at high temperatures, long battery life, good shock resistance, and low internal resistance. It is very suitable for cars, trucks, tractors and other transportation. Currently the hottest products are 12V 20AH / 40AH / 60AH / 80AH.

OSN POWER 12V20Ah start battery :
recommended for passenger vehicle up to 3.0L; replacement of up to 12V 60 Ah lead-acid battery;

OSN POWER 12V40Ah start battery :
recommended for gasoline vehicles up to 5.0L or diesel vehicles up to 3.0L; replacement of up to 12V120Ah lead-acid battery;

OSN POWER 12V60Ah start battery :
replacement of up to 12V180Ah lead-acid battery, can virtually start any ordinary vehicle except some heavy-duty vehicles such as excavators, trucks, muddy cars;

OSN POWER 12V80AH start battery :
can start any heavy-duty vehicle including cruise yacht.

We also developed LTO start batteries for cars.

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