Dual Purpose Lithium Marine Battery

Most boats requires two types of 12 volt batteries. The cranking batteries and deep cycle batteries, the cranking batteries is also called starting battery ,it is used to start the main engine, and the deep cycle battery is used to power the trolling motor and other accessories.

But some boats don’t have enough room for both starting battery and deep cycle battery, so they need a dual-purpose battery.

OSN POWER Dual purpose battery equipped with full functional Battery Management System ,it can deliver 1000 cranking amps and a high continuous discharge current,Their capabilities to deliver high currents and extreme deep cycle capabilities, it makes them fit for gas engines, electric motors and as auxiliary batteries to power electronic equipment on board.


 Meanwhile ,the battery come with a terminal adapter kit,with it, we can use for engine starting, . Take it down, we can use the battery for Trolling Motors, Solar Power Backup, UPS, Portable Devices, Medical Cart Applications, Camping, Trailers, Boats. That’s why we called the battery a multi-purpose work horse.

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